NExT: Another Burden on Medical Aspirants

The proposed National Exit Test (NExT), a new exam to obtain the medical license, after the completion of MBBS, is creating much confusion among medical students all over the country. The National Medical Council (NMC), the body that regulates medical education and medical professionals, without any explanation whatsoever, has apparently decided that the system has to change. They basically want the young doctors to appear in an additional final exam, NExT in order for them to practice.

It is merely an additional burden on the medical students on top of NEET and simply another attempt to dilute the role of State Governments and Universities in the Health sector. Students across India, have been protesting against the NExT exam. Various committee members of Indian Medical Association (IMA) have stated their concerns over the additional exam for medical students.

NExT is neither necessary nor reasonable. It’ll only confuse the young doctors from focusing on their studies, deny them of their legitimate right to practice medicine and deprive the society of the services of qualified doctors. The NMC needs to consult with all its stakeholders and refrain from taking unilateral decisions to avoid such chaos and panic in the student community.

Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) – Tamil Nadu, demands that mere deference of NExT is not enough, it has to be totally done away with and should not be entertained in any manner to ensure justice for the Medical fraternity of the country and improve access to Public Health.

Syed Saifuddin,
State Secretary,
SIO Tamil Nadu.

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